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2013 Releases

USAID, Government of Albania Sign Partnership Agreement to Build E-Inspection System (February 15, 2013)

Today, USAID/Albania Mission Director, Jim Barnhart, and the General Inspector, Mimoza Hajdarmataj, signed an agreement to support Albania’s E-Inspection system.  Minister of Innovation and ICT, Genc Pollo, delivered remarks on the importance of e-governance initiatives to an open government and the role of the Central Inspectorate in increasing transparency.  Barnhart highlighted the importance of the inspection reform process and the fact that, for the first time, the U.S. Government is providing assistance through Government of Albania’s systems.  Through this agreement, USAID will provide Albania’s Central Inspectorate (CI) 260 Portable Inspection Kits that consist of laptop computers and portable scanners and printers. Inspectors will use the kits in the field for efficient, on-line, real-time inspections.

Government inspections are vital for ensuring regulations that safeguard human health, safety, and the environment are properly functioning.  In Albania, however, the process is lengthy and costly to businesses.  Businesses in Albania spend on average 45 days each year on various inspections.  

To improve the transparency and increase the effectiveness of government inspections of businesses and institutions, the Government of Albania created in 2011, the CI and appointed the General Inspector to coordinate and improve the quality of all inspections. As part of this reform, the Government also began work to develop an “E-Inspection Portal” that consists of software, hardware, policies and procedures for government inspectors to coordinate, conduct and monitor inspections in a reliable and transparent manner.

The project is unique as it is the first time USAID/Albania will use Albania's procurement and finance systems to channel U.S. development assistance funds.