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The U.S. Embassy in Tirana provides routine passport services to U.S. citizens, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 1:15 p.m., by appointments only through our online appointment system.  Please complete your passport application form as instructed in the links below prior to appearing for your interview.  If your passport application form has not been completed by the time of your appointment, you will be required to schedule a new appointment.

In most cases, passport services require 10 to 14 business days for completion.  You may chose one of the passport services provided below for information on the forms, fees and other documentation to be presented at the time of your appointment, or use this wizard.  You should arrive for your appointment with all required forms completed and with required photocopies.

NOTE: If your passport has been significantly damaged, especially the book cover or the page displaying your personal data and photo, you will need to apply for a new passport.  Conditions that may constitute damage requiring you to replace your passport include water damage, a significant tear, unofficial markings on the data page, missing visa pages (torn out), a hole punch, or other injuries.  If you are an adult (age 16 or older) and need to replace your damaged passport, please follow the instructions provided at our webpage “First Time Applicants (Age 16 or Older).”  For minors (under age 16) please follow “Minor Applicants (Under Age 16).”

Tips for Fastest Service During your Interview:

  • Please bring all the fees, photos, forms, and photocopies required;
  • Bring your original identity documents as required;
  • Please complete your passport form prior to arriving for your interview, but do not write below the lines indicated and do not sign your application prior to having your interview;
  • For renewals of childrens' passports please bring “growing-up photos.”  Typically we require approximately one photo every 6-12 months from the time the child was issued the previous passport, through the present;
  • Ensure you comply with the Special Requirements for Children Under Age 16, described below:

Special Requirements for Children Under Age 16

  • Both parents must provide consent authorizing passport issuance for a minor under age 16 and be present together with the child at the time of application.  If not, see the scenarios at our webpage “Parental Consent” and follow the instruction that best applies to your circumstance;
  • Both parents must show evidence of identification;
  • Please bring “growing-up photos.”  Typically we require approximately one photo every 6-12 months from the time the child was issued the previous passport, through the present;
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must submit evidence of their relationship to the minor applicant;

    Evidence of Relationship (One of the following):

    • Minor's certified U.S. birth certificate with both parents' names;
    • Minor's certified Foreign Birth Certificate with both parents' names*;
    • Minor's Report of Birth Abroad with both parents' names;
    • Adoption Decree with adopting parents' names*;
    • Court Order establishing custody;
    • Court Order establishing guardianship

      *All foreign documents submitted with a passport application must be accompanied by an English translation (formal or informal).

      Previous U.S. passports are not acceptable as evidence of relationship. Evidence of a legal name change must be submitted, if the name of a parent/guardian has changed since the original documents were issued (e.g. photocopy of a marriage certificate, etc.)

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