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Demonstration Notices

U.S. Embassy Tirana American Citizen Services (ACS) has improved its messaging system.  In addition to issuing emergency messages, security messages in cluding demonstrations, and normal messages through the email, the U.S. Embassy will also utilize SMS technology to send messages.  Whenever the ACS section issues emergency, security, or normal messages, we will send an abbreviated version in a text message to U.S. citizens who have registered via the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program and provided a valid mobile number.  Please add the following number to your contacts – 19028003544 – the ACS section will utilize this number to send text messages.  We encourage all U.S. citizens residing in or visiting Albania to update their registration information and include a valid mobile number (Albanian, U.S., or international) in order to take full advantage of this service.

Information about routine demonstrations will not be sent to U.S. citizens via SMS or email, but will be posted under the security messages for U.S. citizens page.  Please monitor this page regularly for information about demonstration activities in Albania.