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2010 Press Release

U.S. Donates Equipment to Albanian Border Police and Customs (October 14, 2010)

During a ceremony today at the border crossing point of Muriqan, U.S. Charge D’Affaires a.i. Deborah Jones and EXBS (Export Control and Border Security) Advisor Dale Ott turned over to Director of Albanian Border Police Pëllumb Nako and General Director of Customs Flamur Gjymishka $340,000 worth of interdiction equipment.

The interdiction equipment, including night vision binoculars, CT-30 kits, radiation pagers, and other items, was donated with the intent to assist Albanian border enforcement personnel intercept weapons of mass destruction. However, much of the equipment can be used to detect other types of trafficking such as narcotics, human beings, and arms.

Since its start in 2003, EXBS has provided the Government of Albania over $3.5 million in training, equipment, and support to promote the development of an effective strategic trade control system and related border security capabilities.  It has offered support to strengthen Albania's capabilities in three key areas: weapons of mass destruction interdiction, combating of all forms of trafficking, and assisting with nuclear non-proliferation.